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Frequently Asked Questions

  • 1. Enquiry Process
    • All enquiries made on Rent-A-Space will be reviewed by the Management and shall not be taken as a confirmation or booking of space. The Management will not be obliged to accept any enquiries sent.

      Please send in your enquiry stating the dates, company name, name of booking and provide details of the business and product mix for quicker processing.

  • 2. Payment Details
    • Payment will be required upon confirmation of the space enquiry. Details will be provided by the Centre Management accordingly.

  • 3. Booking Terms & Conditions
    • Once your enquiry has been accepted by the Management, you may refer to the Terms & Conditions for the application of space that will be sent to you along with the Application Form.

  • 4. How To Use
      1. Check the availability for each space
      2. Send a booking enquiry for the particular space using "Send Enquiry Now"
      3. The Centre Management will contact you within 3 working days
  • 5. Multiple Bookings
    • If you would like to book more than one available space, please send in individual enquiries. 

  • 6. Booking Cancellation
    • If you have sent in your request and wish to cancel it, please leave us a message at the Contact Us page.